CityOne – IBM’s Smarter Planet err City game

Now this is an interesting game developed by IBM to prove a point.

With an estimated one million people around the world moving into cities each week, experts predict population in the world’s cities will double by 2050. Today, cities consume an estimated 75% of the world’s energy, emit more than 80% of greenhouse gases, and lose as much as 20% of their water supply due to infrastructure leaks.

For urban centers to sustain growth and play a positive role in the global economy, cities must grow smart. Infrastructures that deliver vital services like transportation, energy and water, must rely on a wealth of new information and technologies that respond intelligently to the needs of their growing populations.

CityOne is a new “serious game” that can help customers, business partners and students discover how to make cities and their industries smarter by solving real-world business, environmental and logistical problems.

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