Excellent example of Superb Foundations support!

Was just browsing through and came across Graham’s post on his experience with dealing with Nitix/Lotus Foundations support network.

Graham writes
This is a public thank you to Robert on the Foundations Support Line in Canada and to Matt Webb at IBM in Australia for helping me with my current support issue. Matt has been researching this problem in his own time (and I’ve got the time-stamped emails to prove it!) and together with long distance support from Robert we have almost beaten the problem.

He is also impressed by the Autonomics of the platform and how the server was able to ‘self-heal’ itself after a mail route error.  Would love to hear more examples — both sides of the fence IBM and Microsoft. Complicated problem, simple automated fix – only with Lotus Foundations.

On a side note, I have added link to Official Lotus Foundations Technical Wiki on the blogroll. Kudos to Robert and Matt on the Canadian and Australian Support

Disclosure: In the past, I’ve done work at Tech Data Canada for Microsoft related projects.

  • http://growingfoundationz.blogspot.com/ Joe Nitix

    Wouldn’t autonomic capabilities have prevented a service call to begin with? What kind of autonomic capabilities require research by a support gurus on their own time, and manual intervention?

  • http://www.Bilal.ca Bilal Jaffery

    I believe it was the case of user not letting the ‘autonomics’ component of the platform do its thing.

    As soon as they let a simple netstat go through, the box was up by itself. The VAR was thinking from Microsoft stand point of view where every bug requires human intervention.