I had a dream until Obay came along! Toronto Ad campaign is making me go crazy!

I had a dream until Obay came along!

Viral ad campaign in Toronto is creating a huge buzz for this mysterious campaign. If you are in Toronto area, you will see them in buses, street cars, subways and even bus stops.



At first, I thought it was an ad campaign for an upcoming drug. Searches of domain registrations weren’t particularly useful, especially after the artist behind Obay – The Commodiphile’s Online Marketplace went out of his way to deny any association. According to the trademark searches with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, there was once a deodorant called Obay, and no one has ever registered WhyBecauseISaidSo.

I personally believe that it is an upcoming teaser ad-campaign and has been very successful, otherwise, average folks like me and you will not be wasting time figuring out what “Obay” really is? According to CBS (marketing agency behind TTC advertising), this is the initial phase of the advertising campaign and confirmed that it is a teaser. If you know more about this, please let me know!

EDIT: Confirmed, its Ontario Collages.  According to another blog, Ontario Collages is behind this ad-campaign. Read about it more by clicking here.

  • hmmmmm. thought provoking certainly? When the next phase did get launched, how did you like it? Here in Mumbai, Irrfan Khan (I can’t remember how he spells it) was on billboards talking about the “KILB” disease. The next week it turned out he was shilling life insurance (Kam insurance lene ki bimari – taking out too little insurance) I wanted to hit someone!

  • lol, well, in the next phase, they decided to reveal the source – it turned out to be Ontario Colleges. The intention was to let students be ‘creative’.

    Higher education certainly allows them to be creative.