IBM and RIM baby!

Hot off the press from Lotusphere 2010, IBM and RIM have announced a new global partnership that combines our collaboration software on the blackberries. IBM will be reselling the new RIM-developed Blackberry applications through our sales channels.

i) Blackberry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr
ii) Blackberry Client for IBM Lotus Connections

These offerings will be made available to all major geographies by today and will be sold at only $35 USD per client as a one-time charge. There will be no support or maintenance charges (it will be supported through existing agreements in place).

With over 1,800,000 devices attached to Domino servers, this is a huge step in the growing partnership between RIM and IBM and provides the customers with the assurance that our key advances can be extended quickly to the mobile users.

If you would recall, we also released a free sametime client on Blackberry earlier last year.