Important Updates in the Social Business Space this week

As you know, there is always something happening in the social business space but this week has been a rather important one. There is an emerging trend to be noted out of the traditional Big Four consultancies based on the increased demand for Social Business as more and more organizations recognize the implication of social on their business models. PwC recently acquired Ants Eye View

Ants Eye View has been involved in community strategy for many years and their founder has his roots in the origin of  Microsoft’s highly successful MVP program. When I was at IBM, we had paid extra attention to that Ant Eye’s work to come up with our IBM Champion iteration. Big shout out to Kat Mandelstein, my ex-IBM colleague, who had recently joined Ants Eye Farm as their Director of Social Strategy.

I’ll quote my friend, Michael Brito, SVP @ Edelman (One of the stronger PR firms who got social right from the beginning), as he has summarized it pretty well.

(2 updates this week) First, one the “Big Four” consultancy firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers just announced the acquisition of social media strategy firm, Ants Eye View. This makes complete sense as other management consulting firms are trying to carve out their piece of the social business market i.e. Deloitte making strategic hires and McKinsey publishing reports and white papers. PwC is instantly a player in this space  with the addition of some really smart social strategists with defined capabilities, IP, experience and case studies. According to this article, the goal is to combine Ant’s Eye View’s social media strategy and digital marketing skills with PwC’s Advisory business that will build upon the firm’s growing Management Consulting customer impact and customer engagement capabilities.  Here is more from Jake McKee on the acquisition.

Secondly, Eastwick, a Silicon Valley based Public Relations firm earlier this week announced the launch of the new independent consulting firm called SocialXDesign. According to the press release, the firm will combine expertise in strategic marketing and public engagement with behavior research.

Congrats to both firms as 2013/2014 will definitely be the year when Social gets done right. More than just PR and more than just marketing messaging.

As I’ve been saying for years, Social media is all about utilization of the earned network to drive business forward. Not just impressions and fluffy activity data. This increased demand for strategic business strategy around social is in the right direction.