More details on the Lotus Knows Bus

As you might’ve noticed at the LoLa (Lotus Leadership Alliance) or from Ed Brill’s blog post or maybe even through twitter feed. There’s a Lotus Knows Bus!

Here’s why Bruce Elgort of Eljuji software didn’t drive the bus.

Some details, courtesy of Steve L and his team.

The bus is a new, top of the line executive coach – this will be the first tour for this bus. The bus can seat approximately 15 – 20 people comfortably.

  • 4 booth “stations” & separate conference area.
  • 3 TV monitors
  • 4 laptop monitors will also be provided
  • 4 wireless cards will be provided for internet access
  • Here’s the tour of the bus.

    If you would like to when and where the bus will be, be sure to check out the Google Map here.

    The following table will be updated as we annouce more details.

    Location Day Date Venue Name Address Onsite contact
    Boston Mon – Wed Sept 21 – 23 Charles Hotel – all 3 days Cambridge MA Dee Hall
    Detroit Mon (AM) Oct 5
    Chicago Tues – Wed Oct 6 – 7 Metropolitan Club on Oct 6
    Milwaukee Thurs Oct 8
    Silicon Valley Tues Oct 13
    Los Angeles Wed or Thurs Oct 14 or Oct 15
    Las Vegas (Sharepoint) Mon Oct 19 Mandalay Bay Conf. Center Las Vegas
    Dallas Thurs (AM) Oct 22
    New Orleans Fri Oct 23
    Atlanta Mon Oct 26
    Memphis Tues Oct 27
    Columbus Thurs Oct 29
    Toronto Mon (AM) Nov 2
    Montreal Tues Nov 3
    New York City Wed Nov 4
    Morristown Thurs (AM) Nov 5
    Philadelphia Thurs (PM) Nov 5
    Washington DC Fri Nov 6

    According to Ed,

    What will it be doing? Well, that depends on the city. In some locations, it’s going to be at a particular event — for example, in Chicago on October 6 it will be at the IBM Lotus “Smarter Collaboration” event, and I will be doing my part of the Notes/Domino 8.5.1 webcast that day from the comfort of the bus. In other cities, details will be announced as the bus goes along.


    Mary Beth Raven has a totally different idea, and I kinda support her. If it does happen, this would be very cool.

    I like the idea of a reality show where we load some developers, designers and testers on the bus and head slowly toward Florida for Lotusphere.. and the idea is to design and build the Opening general session demo while on the bus… (and voting folks off)… hum.. as long as I am not one of the ones stuck on the bus.

    I wonder if we can do live webcast of the Lotus Knows tribal council voting. In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted with twitpics, blog postings and even videos. Stay tuned.

    And see you at the Toronto event on Nov 2nd.

    Edit: Better pics from Chris Reckling

    • john ferandes

      thanks for the updates Bilal.

    • Wow, the bus will make it to Montreal!!! That is really great. I hope it will get all the attention Notes need in our area!!!

      Will go check it out for sure!

      Thanks for the info

    • R Lewis

      Hey .. where exactly in Los Angeles will it be ? There are some big Notes clients in the Bunker Hill area of downtown …hint hint