Lotus Knows Lotusphere’s first ever Tweetup!

I am very excited to announce a Lotusphere mini Tweet-up at the Opening Reception.  This mini networking event will allow business partners, clients, and friends that are active within the social space to connect and meet in real life.

So far, we have had a very warm response from the community to the tweet-up and I wanted to personally extend the invite to anyone else who is able to join at 6.30PM at the Sunday night Opening Reception.  If you are interested in attending or assisting with the tweet-up, please feel free to ping, email or tweet.

LotusKnows Tweetup!

My co-hosts of the event: Rani Salehi, Brian O’ Curran, Luis Benitez, Sonia Malik

Lotusphere Tweetup
Full map: www.wdwinfo.com/resortmaps/swandolphmap.htm
Let’s meet near the playground near the Grotto Pool. We will probably move to “N” besides the Pool.


According to mashable.com, Twitter meetups, or Tweetups as they’re commonly called, are pretty much ubiquitous these days. You can’t escape them. The @ nametags. The random awkward conversations that result when you have more than 140 characters to express yourself. Tweetups take an otherwise great service like Twitter and turn it into something much bigger. Lotus knows the power of the community.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you got this to happen. See you there.

  • Anonymous

    I will tweet up from Los Angeles, CA! Look forward to doing some adjunct twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Atech will be there ready to tweet away! Looking forward to seeing everyone in 5 short days!

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  • Oh, nice! I will be there in Orlando by then, so, Bilal, please count me in! Can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the “Bleeding Yellow Tweeple!” :-D

  • Would have been a cool idea for Lotusphere registration to include a space for @names to print on the badges. I’ll mention this to Kristen…

    I might be able to stop by, before taking my wife to dinner (Sunday is her birthday). Hopefully well meet in person, Bilal…!

  • And if you can go to the Tweetup late, be sure and hit TURT101, The Turtle’s Guide To Lotusphere, in Dolphin south hemisphere. There’s still gonna be beer at 7pm, I assure you.

  • Looking forward to it! We’ll be tweeting under the @ardexus profile.