Lotus Notes is available on the Apple iPad

Yes, you heard it right. Lotus Notes on the iPad is here and it is available for free for existing Notes users.

It is offered through the Lotus Notes Traveler software package on iPad. It allows for a two-way, over the air synchronization of enterprise class, secure email, calendar and contacts between the Lotus Domino servers and mobile devices. (Yes, blackberry, iphone and now, an, ipad).

If you are interested in reading first hand review of the device, please check out Ed Brill’s post right here.

Several organizations in a wide variety of industries globally have begun using Lotus Software on the iPad. Here are some references for your review.

“Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad is convenient and helps me stay on top of my e-mails. I don’t have to go home at night and fire up my laptop to see my messages,” said Dave Stall, Lotus Notes Manager, Roto-Rooter Services Company. “The iPad is sitting next to me on the couch and I can respond to anything that needs my attention quickly.”

“I like when forwarding an e-mail, you can type the first letter of a person’s name and get a list of people. You then select that person by tapping the screen. This saves a lot of typing and time,” added Stall.

“I can see this taking the place of a laptop for the executive and sales staff, and they live on e-mail. Lotus Notes Traveler makes that transition easy,” said John Roling, IT Director, Czarnowski, an IBM client and business partner.

“When Lotus Notes Traveler iPad users are in a meeting, they can now have up to date ‘push’ mail and calendar,” said Almar Diehl, Groupware Consultant, e-office.

Lotus Notes Traveler is available in the App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibm-lotus-notes-traveler-companion/id346633404

  • BothXP

    But it’s not really free is it. I still need at least 1 new server + all of the costs associated with setting up and running that server and that Traveler app that you point to only adds the ability to access encrypted mail to what you’d get anyway, is that right ?
    Before Traveler becomes a real option for me it will need to be able to support clustering.
    The other big issue here is how do you scale the service in a way that’s not going to lead to my users having to reconfigure and resync there devices. Even if only 10% of my user base wants to use Traveler that’s still 5000 users and I’d expect many more than 10% to want in. So that seems like a lot of Traveler servers to manage especially when each individual device is tied to an individual Traveler server.

  • I wouldn’t say Lotus Notes is available on the iPad as that leads people to think Lotus Notes is only email. I think the announcement is more access your Lotus Notes email on the iPad with Lotus Traveler. Apps are still a different beast

  • This is just sensationalism and plays back into the hands of Microsoft by treating Notes as a mail client – it is a very competent mail client but that in itself is not enough.